Training, validation and reviews

Parents of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers, the Scout Association and the Charity Commission all rightly require that we’re all seen to be fully trained and competent to look after other people’s children. Those many of us who are parents ourselves will fully agree with this.  
The Scout Association’s training programme is something that we must take seriously.  It does in general provide an excellent means to ensuring that we as Scouters are properly trained and understand what we are doing as Scouters.
During the coming year myself, Robert Holyoake, those GSLs we have in place, and the ADC’s, will be emphasizing the importance of training, and checking to ensure that everyone is up to speed and appropriately trained, and ensuring that everyone can get online and review their own COMPASS record.  Much of this can be done in a relaxed way as part of a review process, where a line manager will sit down and have a chat with a leader to ensure that they are comfortable with their role and with the training requirements laid upon us by the Association. See
What we need to do is help all those leaders who may feel they are at the edge of things and for whatever reason have struggled to find time to complete their training or to complete validation of their training. Additionally, we will try to assist those who need to update or refresh their “mandatory ongoing learning” – that is, first aid, safety, and safeguarding. 
If you’ve any questions about this – particularly about COMPASS – please don’t hesitate to ask myself, Rob Holyoake, your GSL, or Karen or Christine as ADCs. 

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