Nights Away


  1. Download it, fill it in
  2. Send it by email to the District Nights Away Advisors Karen and/or Rob COPY to me and your GSL if there is one – not less than two weeks before your residential activity
  3. Your NAN and other information will be reviewed on behalf of the DC by the Nights Away Advisors and they will recommend to the DC whether or not your residential activity should be approved.
  4. The DC approves your residential activity – not the Nights Away Advisors.

As DC I need to know WHICH DBS checked adults you are sending on camp. That is the primary change on this new form. You may not have adults staying overnight on a residential activity that do not have a valid Scouting DBS check.  

Further info here from 

The nights away permit scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to ensure that all those leading nights away events for young people within Scouting have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

The permit scheme

You can find full details of the nights away permit scheme in the factsheets below. These include factsheets for specific roles such as commissioner and applicant.

There is also an assessment checklist that the nights away adviser uses to assess any applicants for nights away permits.

There are some FAQ’s available to support nights away.

Forms and resources

To apply for a nights away permit you will need to contact your nights away adviser. Below is an application form that you can attach to emails or print out and fill in by hand.

The nights away notification form (Form NAN) can also be attached to emails, or printed out and completed by hand.

As well as being available from the Scout Information Centre, nights away permit holders can download a Nights Away Event Passport to use for young people-led nights away events.

Supporter of the Nights Away Permit Scheme (SNAPS)

The Supporter of the Nights Away Permit Scheme (SNAPS) in each County (or Area, or Region in Scotland) is a way of identifying who is responsible for supporting the nights away permit scheme locally. Permits and the management of NAAs remains the responsibility of Commissioners with SNAPS available to support Commissioners in this area. This will most often fall under the remit of the ACC Activities or a County Nights Away Adviser, but may come under a different role depending on local structures.

Technical manual

An adults’ guide to camping, holidays, expeditions and sleepovers

Nights Away is a print publication containing everything you need to know for enjoying the outdoors and taking young people away safely and with confidence. Aimed at all adults in Scouting, it provides advice on the best equipment to take, ways of preparing your staff and how to make the most of your time away.

Illustrated in full colour throughout, and with its own smart binder, Nights Away is the definitive guide to camping and the outdoors. You can buy it from Scout Store.