Scouting is back in Hurst Green

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are now running in Hurst Green.   

Uniformed Scouting must take place under the responsibility and oversight of an Executive Committee.  Until from the nucleus of local volunteers a new Scout Group Executive Committee can be formed, Scouting at Hurst Green is taking place under the oversight of the Executive Committee of the 1st Oxted Scout Group.  This is necessary to provide effective administration and proper governance, advice and support. Clear arrangements are in place with regard to “ring-fencing” of funds – monies raised by and for Hurst Green Beavers and Cubs, and for the Mill Lane building itself, remain “ring-fenced” for Hurst Green Scouting use.

A team spirit is abroad.  The 1st Oxted Scout Group has worked tirelessly since 2014 in favour of Scouting in Hurst Green.  What is important, paramount even, is that Scouting takes place. The names and the colours of the scarves and badges, remain secondary to ensuring safe and fun Scouting for young people in Hurst Green.  The mechanisms for achieving this need not be the same as those used in the past: times change. 

The Scout HQ in Hurst Green

Many local people and groups worked very hard and contributed much towards the Mill Lane Building, and hence feel a sense of ownership towards it.  Tandridge District Council considers the building to be a community asset which should be available for let, hire or use as appropriate by suitable community groups. Whilst uniformed Scouting at Hurst Green remains the temporary responsibility of the Executive Committee at Oxted Scouts, the Mill Lane Building remains the responsibility of East Surrey District Scouts. 

The Scout hut in Hurst Green is used nearly all the time, every week.  It is used not only by local young people involved in uniformed Scouting, but also by the Hurst Green Football Club and the Holland Athletics Club to name but two local community organisations.  A hgardener has been hired to tidy up the external appearance of the hut.  The shutters on the windows at the front do give the appearance that the hut is shut: don’t be deceived by this.