Explorer – Young Leaders

Explorer Scout Young Leaders’ (ESYL) Scheme- An Overview
ESYLs are Explorer Scouts who volunteer alongside adult leaders in a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop. They are two statuses for the Young Leader program a) a member of the Scout Association or b) a non member.

Non members may use the YL program for their DofE Volunteering section and the earliest start date is from age 14 and must leave YL’s at age 18.

Member ESYLs’ must be 1) a member one or more Explorer Scouts sections and 2) between the ages of 13.5 and 18.

They are a valuable asset to any leadership team who play an active role in their chosen section, bringing a range of fresh ideas to the table, and acting as positive role models for the young people they work alongside.

The Young Leaders’ Scheme helps YL’s to develop and grow as individuals. It allows them to make a valuable contribution to their community and give service to others. The scheme also helps them fulfill the service elements of their awards. They will learn valuable life skills & personal qualities which will be an asset in the future endeavours both in work and personal life including:

• Leadership
• Communicating with people of different ages
• Interpersonal skills
• Independence
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Commitment
• Able to cope with responsibility
• Decision making
• Trustworthy

The ESYLs’ Scheme is the training programme for ESYLs. It contains 11 modules and four missions for ESYLs to work through whilst volunteering in their chosen section. Modules give ESYLs the skills and knowledge to be successful in their role, while missions allow them to put everything into practice with support. As well as developing valuable life skills, the Scheme is an opportunity for ESYLs to make a positive impact in their communities and to fulfil the service elements of many of the top awards in Scouting.

Recognition of achievement is available along the way for members, and on completion of the Scheme, the ESYL is awarded with an ESYL belt buckle. Explorer Scouts should be recognised for their achievement at various points throughout and after their Young Leader’s Scheme.