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The ESYLs’ Scheme is the training programme for ESYLs. It contains 11 modules and four missions for ESYLs to work through whilst volunteering in their chosen section. Modules give ESYLs the skills and knowledge to be successful in their role, while missions allow them to put everything into practice with support. As well as developing valuable life skills, the Scheme is an opportunity for ESYLs to make a positive impact in their communities and to fulfil the service elements of many of the top awards in Scouting. Recognition of achievement is available along the way, and on completion of the Scheme, the ESYL is awarded with an ESYL belt buckle.

What is awarded?ImageWhen should it be awarded?
ESYL Badge  After completing Module A
After completing Module A
After completing Module A
After completing Module A
A mission strip After completing each individual mission, a mission strip is awarded.These should be placed around the Module A badge
Emergency Aid Level 4After completing Module K – First Response
ESYL belt buckle On completion of the entire Scheme (all training modules and missions)
ESYL certificate Either when the young person turns 18 or completes the whole SchemeThe back of the certificate can be used to record which modules and missions the ESYL has completed
ESYL Service Award Can be worn on the adult uniform to recognise a person’s completion of the Scheme


There are no awards available to Non-Member YL DofE youths