Bringing on a new YL

If Section or Group is approached by a parent, guardian, friend (the requester) about their son or daughter joining the East Surrey Explorer Young Leader program then the following process should be followed. If the requester wants more information they can review the YL pages on this site or send an email the Young Leader Section leader (ESLYL) Ron Bochard to have a more detailed discussion.

One of requirements of the Scout Association is that each Young Leader should have a placement agreement in place which outlines their role, the section leaders role and the Young Leader Section leaders role. Links to the 3 different roles / placement agreements can be seen to the left.

To ensure the necessary administration of the Young Leader program including setting up of Online Scout Manager (OSM) we request that all new Young Leaders follow the process steps below to become a new Young Leader that is not currently set up in Online Scout Manager (OSM) for our District. If they are set up in OSM then the Section Leader should send an email to Young Leader Section leader (ESLYL) Ron Bochard with the Scout / Explorer name, group and section requesting to initiate Young Leader placement.

  1. Your Group receives a request from parent, guardian, friend (the requester) about their son or daughter joining the East Surrey Explorer Young Leader program
  2. Briefly explain to the requester the YL program and the 3 YL roles*, or send them to the East Surrey District Scouts website to get the information.
    1. Member YL & Active Explorer
    2. Member YL Only
    3. Non-Member YL DofE
  3. Assuming the requestor wishes to proceed, ask them to complete the online YL request form
  4. The ESLYL will check the current numbers of YL’s in the group and section, and forward the email request for the new YL to the Group Scout Leader (GSL) & Section Leader (SL) to confirm if they are prepared to move forward with the process, along with the placement agreement for the role selected with a copying to the District Explorer Scout Commission (DESC)
  5. The SL confirms the Group is prepared to take on the new YL in the specific YL role and section back to the ESLYL by replying to the email in Step 4
  6. ESLYL will add the new YL to the OSM in the section East Surrey Young Leaders
  7. ESLYL will send email via OSM to requestor to complete their personal details in OSM and attach the Placement agreement for the role.  By adding in the additional information in OSM and confirming the changing the parent / guardian is accepting the placement agreement.
  8. Once parent/guardian confirms the records in OSM the ESLYL will “share the with another section” the new YL record
  9. The SL for the section will accept in OSM the transfer into their section. Accepting the new YL into their section confirms their acceptance of the placement agreement.