YL Mission 1 – Game

Plan and run a minimum of three games with the section they are volunteering with. At least one game should take place indoors and one outdoors.  Adult volunteers are present to help the YL with their planning and to assist whilst running the game. Adults are still responsible for everyone at the meeting therefore the YL will need to show the Adults what they are planning to do before they do it.

The games should be varied, incorporating:

■ at least two different types of leadership styles

  • Informal/supportive – Young people may not be aware YL’s are leading
  • Formal/directive – Give firm and clear instructions
  • Democratic/team-based – Including everyone in a discussion and in the final decision
  • Passive – Let the youngsters take the leader (must be no risk to their safety)
  • Organiser –YL organise things to get the desired outcome

■ three different types of games; for example, some games may be more energetic and active, while others may be more creative or reflective

To complete this mission, the YL could:

  • run a game at the beginning or end of a section night
  • run a wide game on a camp
  • run a game that ties into a badge the section is working towards
  • run a game that reinforces something the section has learned
  • any other ideas, subject to agreement with the SL

For each game the Young Leader should

  1. Agree with the SL which game they will run and when
  2. Communicate clear instructions & rules for each game
  3. Provide a basic risk assessment for each game for the environment they are in
  4. Identify the leadership style they will be using
  5. Identify the type of game
  6. Identify and have in place the equipment they need to run the game
  7. Identify is the game counts towards any badge or awards for their section
  8. Run the game, Adult leaders / assistants will provide support during the game
  9. Capture some photos of the games they played

Consider the following questions:

  • Can all members of the section take part? Is there anything they need to consider or do differently to ensure that all young people can fully participate in the activity?
  • What risks do their games present? What controls or rules do they need to put in place?
  • Which leadership style is most appropriate for the game they are running?
  • Does the game fit in with the program for the evening, for example is the game designed to use up spent energy or to quiet them down?

Section Leader (SL) – Sign off requirements

  1. The YL has planned and run a minimum of three games with the section they are volunteering with. At least one game should take place indoors and one outdoors. 
  2. The YL shared their experience in running the game with the SL, what went well and how could it have been improved for the next time
  3. SL provides constructive feedback to the Young Leader on their games
  4. The SL signs off on the Mission in their logbook with the date completed