YL Mission 4 – Delivery

Take responsibility for organising and running part of the section programme.

This mission is a culmination of the three previous missions. It should go beyond running a single activity or game, and contribute to the young people’s development in their section. The section leader is still responsible for everyone at the meeting or event. The YL will need to show the Adults what they are planning to do beforehand.

This mission should include:

  • planning and organising a selection of activities on a theme
  • delivery of those activities
  • evaluation and review of the activities with the section

To complete this mission, the YL could:

  • Plan and run a linking event with a younger or older section.
  • Work with the leaders of a section above or below the section they are working with. Together, organise a joint event. Plan the event and ensure it is appropriate for both age groups, letting the other leaders know how they can help the event run smoothly. This task will require the YL to show good communication and organisational skills. It will also help them to better understand how both sections operate.
  • Plan and run a challenge award
  • Plan and run a series of meetings or activities that will earn the young people a challenge award, or make a significant contribution towards earning it. They should choose a challenge award that few young people in the section already hold. Plan the activities on the monthly, termly, or yearly programme. The activities they plan and run should work towards the badge requirements, which are available online. This task will require the YL to show good planning and communication skills, and to demonstrate the ability to consider the needs of every young person.
  • Plan and help to run a camp. With the supervision of a leader with a night’s away permit, plan and help to run a camp, or to support the leadership team with a specific aspect of a longer camp (e.g. menu planning and cooking, researching and scheduling activities, or helping with budgeting and collecting monies). Discuss this with experienced leaders in their section to help the YL at each stage. This task will require the YL to show good planning and organisational skills, as well as the ability to communicate with other leaders, and to bring their section’s ideas to life.
  • Help the young people in the section to explore a particular topic, or to develop some specific skills over a number of sessions. They may choose to discuss a current topic or international event or they may prefer to work towards an activity badge or staged activity badge which has a skill associated with it (such as swimming, master at arms or athletics, for example). To measure their impact, the young people should be able to show that they have either developed a better understanding of the topic or improved in a skill by the end of the sessions. This task will require the YL to show good planning and communication skills, and the ability to consider the needs of every young person.
  • They may work on any other ideas, subject to agreement with the section leader.
  • The YL should capture some photos to record evidence of this missio

Section Leader (SL) – Sign off requirements

  1. The YL planned, organised, delivered and post evaluated a selection of activities on a theme within their section
  2. The YL shared their experience in the “delivery” including what went well and how could it have been improved for the next time
  3. SL provides constructive feedback to the Young Leader on their ideas and participation in the meeting
  4. The SL signs off on the Mission in their logbook with the date completed