Colditz 2018

The 2018 Colditz Night Exercise will take place on the night of Saturday March 10th. The cenue for the event will be in the grounds of Oxted School, Bluehouse Lane, Oxted.  The young people will sleep in the gymnasium. 

  • Start (parent drop off): 2015-2040 Saturday 10th, Oxted School, PARK ROAD ENTRANCE
  • Finish (parent pickup): 0915 Sunday 11th, Oxted School, gymnasium.
The Colditz night hike is where Scout and Explorer teams of 5-7 young people, in the case of Scouts, accompanied by an adult, navigate a variety of different routes.  There will be the usual checkpoints at which teams must sign off.  Each route is between 6 and 7 miles long. As usual there will be a refreshment stop with an activity or initiative base.  Longer routes will be available for Explorer teams.
As usual, Scout teams should be accompanied by an appropriately skilled and DBS checked member of the Scout Association, but the adult is there not to navigate or ensure that their team wins, but only to ensure the personal safety of the Scouts. Explorer teams need not be accompanied by an adult.
There will be a number of conditions to take part in the exercise.
  • At least one adult from each Group should be present at the venue at all times whilst Scouts from that Group are also present
  • All adults who walk a team should sleep over at the venue
The charge for the event will be £30 per team payable by cheque, up front, to East Surrey District Scout Council.