YL Mission 3 – Program Planning

Take the section’s programme ideas to a programme planning meeting.

This mission is all about gathering programme ideas from young people and turning them into action. They will also learn how a Group and District operate, and potentially present new ideas to them.

This mission should include:

  • asking the young people in the section to contribute their ideas to the programme
  • capturing the ideas and suggestions from the young people and exploring how these could be incorporated into their programme.
  • attending and contributing to a meeting (eg programme planning meeting, leaders’ meeting, District, County/ Region or Area meeting)

To complete this mission, the YL could:

  • attend a section planning meeting
  • plan and run a meeting (eg section planning forum or running activities from the YouShape resources)
  • decide who should attend a meeting and invite them along
  • organise and run a forum for the young people in their section, gathering their ideas and suggestions, and feeding these back to the section leader
  • organise for someone to take notes, minutes or points of action
  • plan and run the Sixers’ or Patrol Leaders’ forum, ensuring that the young people in the section understand how they can input their ideas into the section programme
  • any other ideas, subject to agreement with the SL
  • capture a photo of a planning meeting

Prior to the section programme planning meeting the Young Leader should

  1. Be provided the date for the programme planning meeting at least 4 weeks before the meeting, typically the programme planning meeting happens on a regular section evening just before the current term ends
  2. Gather ideas for young people during section evenings and what they may like to see in the programme, bring these ideas to the programme planning meeting
  3. Attend and come prepare with ideas programme planning meeting
  4. Ask how SL how the term programme fits into the over section plan for achieving the chief scout award

Section Leader (SL) – Sign off requirements

  1. The YL has attended a programme planning meeting and brought programme ideas to the table
  2. The YL shared their experience in participating in the programme planning process and meeting including what went well and how could it have been improved for the next time
  3. SL provides constructive feedback to the Young Leader on their ideas and participation in the meeting
  4. The SL signs off on the Mission in their logbook with the date completed